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Introduction to Dance
My goal as a dance educator is to make our scholars feel comfortable moving and performing and to use the platform of dance to express themselves. Dance has proven to instill confidence, higher self-esteem and higher-order thinking. 

CD-2nd graders learn the fundamentals  of movement through the integration of other content areas such as:  science, math, language arts and social studies.  Students get to explore these areas while still learning and engaging in dance movement concepts.

3rd - 5th graders begin to understand the basics of dance while learning about choreographers in the field of dance.  Like the younger scholars, they also explore dance in various styles and concepts.  Many of our scholars have shown an interest in performing and have represented our school well. 

Middle School scholars will learn about Master dancers such as: Alvin Ailey, Chuck Davis, Martha Graham, Debbie Allen and Rennie Harris. Students will focus on various styles of dance such as: hip-hop, African, modern, ballet & tap that will come together for many performance opportunities throughout the school year.