Message from Jonathan Green




My visit for a day with Sanders Clyde students, who were interested in art on May 15th, was an exhilarating and rewarding experience. I was humbled as to how warmly the students greeted me and were aware that I was the artist that created the mural at the entrance to the school.  I found the students were fully engaged in learning how to draw images of self and others that reflected their culture and community. They quickly grasped how art could be used as a positive tool beyond language to express and communicate effectively with others.


I could not help but feel the positive and inviting atmosphere of the school and how the art teacher, Mr. Perrineau, was able to group the students in a manner that allowed age-appropriate art related tasks to be achieved and shared by the students with one another.  Having Reynier Llanes, my associate, accompany me and help with the activities clearly reinforced the importance of multiple art teachers working together with the students.


                                                                                                Jonathan Green, Artist